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Zekiah Farms is proud to sell you the best raw, unfiltered, Southern Maryland honey we have to offer.  Our honey bees work around the clock to make you the perfect blend of honey.  Our honey is made with the pollens from a combination of wildflowers, vegetable plants, and any of the hundreds of trees and plants that are native to Southern Maryland that are on our farm. By having the bees use a mixture of pollens they create a honey that has a very unique flavor. 

Raw, Unfiltered Honey

All of our honey is raw, unfiltered honey that comes directly from the hive.  When extracting our honey, there is no extra processing or screening, meaning that you are essentially getting honey straight from the hive. Our honey leaves the hives in large buckets to be stored until it is hand bottled by one of us just for you! 

Benefits of Raw Honey

Raw honey is an excellent preventative for seasonal allergies. By consuming raw unfiltered honey, you are consuming propolis, which is actually small pieces of the beehive. Often, you can see this propolis in your honey jar in the form of small black specks. Have no worries, the propolis is not harmful if consumed, and it actually is more beneficial to your body due to the fact that you are consuming part of the honeycomb, which is the most beneficial for allergies. 

Many of our customers come to our store to buy our local honey for their allergies. While our honey will only benefit people with allergies local to Southern Maryland and the surrounding areas, our honey is sought after by people from across the United States as a daily sweeter due to its unique flavor.

Who can eat raw honey?

Anyone can eat raw honey; however, infants under the age of one should not consume raw honey.

Why has my honey solidified?

Have you previously bought one of our honey containers only to find that a few months later the honey has turned into a solid block? This is because the honey has crystallized.  The honey is not bad

Fun Fact, honey is the only food that will never go bad.  That being said, it will go bad if an outside bacteria is introduced into the jar.  For example, if you take a spoonful of honey from your jar, stick it in your mouth, then use the same spoon to get another spoonful, then you just introduced bacteria into your jar and it will eventually go bad. Another example is if water is introduced into your honey jar. 

If your honey has crystallized, use the following instructions to re-liquify your honey.

  1. heat a pot of water until it is boiling. 
  2. Once is begins to boil, remove from the heat and wait for the water to stop boiling.  *If your container is plastic, you may need to wait longer for the water to cool so that the plastic does not deform or melt.
  3. Place your jar into the warm water and cover the pot. 
  4. Leave overnight. The next morning, your honey will be re liquified. 

Containers offered:

We have a variety of different containers that our honey is offered in.  Each container has the same honey in it, the only difference is the actual container.  The following containers are currently offered at Zekiah Farms:

  • Plastic Bears
    • 2 oz. 
    • 8 oz. 
    • 12 oz. 
  • Plastic Bottles
    • 1 lb. Inverted Bottle
    • 3 lb. Bottle
    • 5 lb. Bottle
  • Classic Glass Jars
    • 8 oz.
    • 16 oz.
    • 3 lb. 
    • 1 Gallon Glass Jar
  • Muth Glass Jars
    • 8 oz. 
    • 16 oz.
  • 4 oz. Salt & Pepper Shakers *Limited quantities available
  • 14 oz. Glass Bear
  • 16 oz. Glass Drinking Mug
  • Comb Honey- 16 oz. Jar

See photos of our containers here

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Online Ordering

Our honey is now being sold in our online store.  Our honey can be shipped right to your front door or picked up at our farm store.  Please note if shipping is selected we are not responsible for broken or damaged products. To shop our selection of honey containers click the link below.  

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