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Introducing the ZF3 VIP Club & ZF3 Stop the Hunger Programs

ZF3 VIP Club - Exclusively for CSA Members


  • 5% off all Zekiah Farms products for 2019 (* discount excludes our wholesale partners’ businesses)
  • Win a CSA - random drawing for a free 2020 CSA, one entry per CSA purchase
  • Referral program – refer a friend who purchases a CSA and get an additional entry for the drawing
  • Free upgrade to ZF3 Gold Club Membership  - 10% off (excludes CSAs) all Zekiah Farms products, offer expires Jan 4th, 2019

ZF3 Stop the Hunger Program

How can you help, at no extra cost?  While you/family will be getting local, fresh meats and veggies, you can feel good about providing for the same for someone in need, at no extra cost.  For every 5 CSA memberships purchased, we will donate to the food bank or to adopted families in need of help.  

Our family has a long tradition in helping our fellow neighbors, especially in time of need.  By joining our CSA program, together we can reach more members of our community in need. We would be honored to join with you in this mission.

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Zekiah Farms CSA Program

What is a CSA Program?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a way for you, the customer, to purchase a variety of different products from our farm.  This program allows you to buy shares of produce, meat, etc. and pick up your share on a set pickup day.  By participating in a CSA you get the same quality products we sell in our store, at a discounted price. The CSA program is designed to help the farmer and customer build a relationship and allows the farmer to grow and expand their farm while providing the customer with the weekly harvest from the farm. 

Why participate in a CSA Program?

By Participating in one of our many CSA programs, you are helping support your local farmers and in return getting a product that you know and can see exactly where it comes from. Our CSA program provides you with the freshest food for you and your family, in addition to giving you a variety of different foods that you can explore and learn to cook. Last but not least, our CSA program gives you nothing short of a huge variety of meats, eggs, fruits, and vegetables, allowing you and your family to maintain healthy eating habits. 

Types of CSA's

We currently offer the following CSA programs: 

  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Produce
  • Egg

Many customers tend to combine multiple CSA programs to ensure that they are receiving a little bit of everything our farm has to offer. 

Delivery Methods

Farm Pick-Up

Stop by our farm on our scheduled pick-up days to see exactly where your CSA comes from.  By coming to the farm you are also able to purchase any of the other products that we have to offer that might not necessarily be in your CSA that week.

Home Delivery

Many of our customers have expressed interest in our CSA program, however they were not able to come to the farm to pick up their share for various reasons.  Because of this, all of us at Zekiah Farms have decided to add a delivery service to our CSA program so that all of our customers are able to enjoy our CSA programs. This service is available for all of our CSA programs.  Please select this delivery option on your CSA form if you would like to take advantage of this new option.

Meat CSA

Meat Share

The meat CSA program is offered for a 6 month period.  Members will be able to pick up their meat share on the first Saturday of every month.

Where's the beef?

Our meat CSA is packed full of our dry-aged Black Angus beef, in addition to our nitrate and nitrite free pork.  When participating in the meat CSA, customers will receive a variety of different cuts of meat each month.

Which type of share is best for you?

Our meat CSA is offered in two different types of shares:

Half Share: 10 lbs/ month or 60 lbs/ share

Whole Share: 20 lbs/ month or 120 lbs/ share

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Chicken CSA

Chicken Share

The chicken CSA is a monthly CSA that includes two of our naturally raised, antibiotic free, free range chickens.  These chickens will typically range from 4-6 lbs.  Our chickens are raised for 12 weeks to provide you with the highest quality chickens we can offer!

Free Range

All of our chickens are free range. Free range chickens have 24/7 access to food, water, and grass.  By free ranging chickens, it allows the birds to maintain healthier lifestyles and have more livable space than chickens that are raised on poultry farms.

What's included in your monthly share?

As stated above, a monthly share will include 2 chickens.  The chicken CSA will run for 6 months.  Pickup will be the first Saturday of every month. Many of our customers often pair this CSA with the meat CSA to ensure that they receive the largest variety of products we have to offer.


Produce CSA

Don't forget the greens!

Our produce CSA is packed full of fresh produce. This CSA offers a variety of seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and more. This CSA will have different items and quantities depending on the time of the year and what produce is in season.  For example, during the beginning of the growing season the quantities tend to be smaller, with a focus on salad and greens.  As the season progresses, the quantities and varieties tend to get larger, with the middle of the season offering the greatest quantities and varieties.

Fresh, local, produce and more!

All of the produce offered in this CSA is hand picked,  local, Southern Maryland produce.  By having local produce in our CSA, you are supporting local, Southern Maryland farmers while enjoying produce that you know exactly where it comes from. 

Wich share is best for you?

The produce CSA is an 18 week CSA that runs from May-September.  This CSA has a weekly pickup that is scheduled for every Saturday.  There are two different types of produce CSA's:

Half Share

Whole Share

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

No matter the answer, we have plenty of eggs for our CSA here at Zekiah farms.  This CSA includes a dozen of our eggs from our naturally raised hens.  All of our hens are allowed free range of the farm during the day, ensuring that they receive plenty of exercise and fresh air. In return, they produce large brown and white eggs with excellent flavor to fill your share order.


This CSA is an 18 week CSA, that runs from May-September. This CSA has a weekly pickup that is scheduled for every Saturday.  

One dozen eggs/ week are included in this CSA.

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Download our CSA form here!

To sign up for Zekiah Farms' 2019 CSA program please download and fill out the form below.  After filling out, please print and sign the document. This document will serve as your 2019 CSA contract.  After signing, please bring to our farm store so that you can pay and be officially registered for our CSA program. This form can also be scanned and emailed to us. For more information please feel free to call us at 240-216-4065 or email